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    Deep Cleaning

    by Mercury Security & Facilities Management

    Mercury Deep Clean

    Irrespective of the environment there comes a time when your premises may require a deep clean to sanitise an area contaminated. When undertaking such work, great care and considerable experience is required.

    This is where Mercury Security and Facilities Management can Help You! Our process helps you manage RISK!We are currently offering a Deep Cleaning service to most areas within the UK & Ireland.

    We have experience in providing deep cleans to office, commercial, clinical and nursing home environments. While modern office interiors are more open than they ever have been, office workers are still likely to leave their mark on even the best of interiors.

    We can sanitise and clean areas using approved grade disinfectant and with the use of ‘ fogging’and our highly specialised ozone generators we efficiently eliminate and reduce any further risk.


    There is a High Demand for this Service in the UK & Ireland

    The service will be very much a first come first served basis and is charged on a square metre basis.

    All our operators are fully equipped with appropriate PPE, including Tyvek suits, gloves, masks etc.

    • Risk assessment: document risks, and abate where necessary;
    • Isolate area for disinfection to ensure no human access to other than our technicians;
    • Plan disinfection in zones;
    • Cover smoke detectors using sequentially numbered protectors;
    • Disable active HVAC systems;
    • Carry out electrostatic spraying, using indicator strips to check for universal coverage of
    Hydrogen Peroxide;
    • Remove smoke detector covers and ensure all are fully accounted for;
    • Ensure disinfected areas remains vacant for circa 45 minutes (depending on size of area);
    • Take swabs on randomised test surfaces (for incubation and reporting after 36 hours);
    • Remove all waste material (PPE etc) in double sealed bags.
    • Restore HVAC after 45 minutes.
    • Issue disinfection report and certificate.
    • In most cases areas will be ready to re-enter after 45 – 60 minutes.

    Please contact The Mercury Control and Command Centre on 44 (0)28 9262 0510 and provide the following information:

    • Full Name
    • Contact Number
    • Email Address
    • Site Address
    • Building Type – Office/Manufacturing/Warehouse
    • Square Metres of the building – this is important as this will determine the amount of time allocated to your particular site.

    You will receive a call back from a dedicated manager within 30 minutes advising you of the availability of staff and proposed time for commencement and completion of the clean.

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