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    Mercury Sanitising Stations

    Mercury FRC-1 Face Recognition & Temperature Screening Terminal

    Mercury Sanitising Stations

    Be ready to build consumer confidence – keep your staff and customers safe

    The Mercury hand sanitisers are a “fit for purpose” solution allowing you to have them in the right places and at the necessary times in an effective way communicating that you care about people’s health, ensuring you follow the Government & NHS guidelines with regards to washing hands and help to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

    Its Hands free! The distribution of the hand sanitising gel is automatically activated by a sensor which allows an easy and intuitive use.

    The Mercury sanitising station column is perfect to be placed in the lobbies of high traffic areas such Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Training Centre, Gyms and any establishment where it is necessary to fight the spread of infectious diseases and germs.

    We supply, deliver, install and commission them and can have your company branding put on them at no extra cost.

    Thanks to this support it is possible to create a hand sanitising station in any location you wish to have them in.

    • Automatic with sensor activation
    • Hands Free
    • Disabled friendly - NO foot pedal to press
    • Very well presented, made in painted steel
    • Drip Tray
    • Maximum stability on the floor
    • All parts are sanitised
    • Refillable

    Most infections are preventable through good hand hygiene and we are delighted to have installed the Mercury sanitising stations that are also disabled-friendly throughout Ireland & UK.

    For further information, please call our 24hr Command & Control Monitoring Centre 44 (0)28 9262 0510 ​ or via the contact form below.

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