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    The Mercury TC-1 thermal camera

    Be ready to build consumer confidence - keep your staff and customers safe

     The Mercury TC-1 thermal camera

    Can detect an elevated body temperature in just under a second

    The Mercury TC-1 thermal camera can detect an elevated body temperature in just under a second, allowing large numbers
    of people who enter your buildings to be screened at one time. High temperature is one of the first symptoms of the
    (COVID) Coronavirus.
    The average normal body temperature is generally 98.6°F (37°C). A temperature over (38°C) most often means you have a
    fever caused by an infection or illness. Subjects can simply walk through the field of view together, and the Mercury TC-1
    camera will scan them without impeding their passage in any way.

    • The Mercury TC-1 Camera will allow you to conduct screening safely and efficiently of those who may potentially be infected.
    • Subjects simply walk through the field of view together, and the Mercury TC-1 camera will scan them without impeding their passage in any way
    • Included in our TC-1 thermal package are guidelines (in line with the NHS advice) on what you should do if you detect a member of your staff or a visitor to your building with an (EBT), Elevated Temperature.


    As more and more buildings open their doors again, this thermal technology will help give the public the reassurance and confidence they need to get out and about – and help get your business and the economy back up and running.

    • From a social distancing perspective, the Mercury TC-1 can measure body temperature from a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres – thus avoiding unnecessary physical contact
    • When the TC-1 camera is installed & commissioned, users can set the desired temperature level which, if exceeded, will trigger an audio and visual alert to notify the operator.

    Some of the many places the Mercury TC1 can be used include shopping complex entrances, individual shop entrances, office blocks, Airports, Ports, Restaurants & Pubs.

    Mercury is the only security company in Ireland which is certified & compliant to GDPR BS 10012:2017, which encompasses all elements of the latest GDPR compliance requirements. This is a tick in the box for you and your business.

    We have your best interests in everything we do, and a key consideration for us was to find a solution that was affordable to you, local businesses and our particular customer base.

    We believe we’ve achieved this with the Mercury TC-1 coming in at much better value than similar and much more expensive products in this critical and specialised field.

    A simple and discreet 3 step process to be followed

    1. Once a person(s) has been identified as running a high temperature the camera which picked up the reading will trigger an alarm complete with an audible notification and white strobe light at the detection location or remotely.  It is then advisable to isolate the person(s) to take a second reading to confirm the findings using a specialised medical thermometer.
    2. If confirmed that the individual does have an abnormally high temperature, protocols need to be in place advising on the next course of action. In line with the NHS guidelines, the person(s) detected should return home and commence self-isolating for the government’s recommended period before returning to work or social situations.
    3. The correct procedures must be put in place by the system owner and followed by all suitably trained staff to ensure the TC-1 solution provides the full benefits and contributes to keeping your workforce safe, healthy and the confidence to return to an office, workshop etc. environment.

    Mercury Shall be delighted to help you in all of the above.



    Leading property developer Brian Kearny gives the Mercury TC-Thermal Camera system a thumbs up.

    Causeway Asset Management are delighted to be one of the first Northern Irish Companies to have introduced the new Mercury Thermal CCTV Cameras into their extensive portfolio of properties.

    Brian Kearney Property Director states “It is vital for our economy that people gradually return to work, however we need to make sure we do this is in a timely manner and safe manner, adhering to social distancing guidelines and ensuring the safety of staff and visitors is paramount.

    Mercury Security and Facilities Management have installed their TC-1 Thermal Camera systems into all of our Grade A office locations across Northern Ireland and we are highly impressed with the results we are receiving from the TC-1 systems.

    This most innovative piece of technology has provided staff with extra confidence to come to work. It will hugely assist staff numbers increase in the coming months ahead. I would like to commend Mercury Security and Facilities Management for once again managing the safety of our properties, staff and tenants with such precision and diligence”

    Our Mercury TC-1 Thermal camera will help you manage RISK going forward and will make a significant contribution in ensuring you have taken care to keep all your workers and customers safe.

    For further information, please call our 24hr Command & Control Monitoring Centre 44 (0)28 9262 0510 ​ or via the contact form

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